Here is a list of some of my favorite web sites. Enjoy!


  1. MSNBC: My go-to news and information source. 
  2. Picnik: great free site for editing photos
  3. Spark People: weight loss, diet/exercise and overall health and well-being site.


  1. Chef In Training: great resource for all kinds of yummy, easy, family friendly recipes.
  2. Confessions of a Cookbook Queen: super funny mom who posts amazing dessert recipes. 
  3. Dooce: probably my favorite blogger and one who I most try to emulate.
  4. Go Fug Yourself: OMG these girls crack me up! All kinds of insight into celebrity fashion do’s and don’ts!
  5. Healthy Tipping Point: the personal blog for the creator of Operation Beautiful. Lots of info about running, vegetarianism, healthy body talk, etc.
  6. Iowa Girl Eats: midwestern girl (holla!) with a passion for good food, running and travel.
  7. Money Saving Mom: great resource for ways to save money.
  8. The Small Things Blog: Kate is a hair dresser who posts various tutorials, tips and insight in to hair, makeup, fashion and more!
  9. View Along the Way: super funny blog with tips and tricks for practical DIY projects
  10. What-eva: close friend of mine who share about life as a working mom with a special-needs son.
  11. Young House Love: these 2 are the reigning king and queen of DIY home projects. They constantly inspire me!

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