Merry Christmas from the Traders!

‘Twas the season of Christmas, when all through the house, our creature was stirring – Samson had found a mouse! The stockings were hung; tree decorated with care, in anticipation of a joyous holiday to share!

Isabella wasn’t crawling, but walking instead, while visions of Elmo danced in her head. And Sarah was working while CJ stayed home, to take care of our daughter and be Mr. Mom.

The year passed so quickly, gone by in a wink, seems like just yesterday Isabella was only a “think.” And now she’s grown, aged over a year, but such joy she has brought, and is truly a dear.

We look forward to watching her learn and grow, but not to her repeatedly saying “No!” She loves to dance, hug and kiss, she is really and truly a sweet little Miss.

We love all our family and have such wonderful friends. Our lives are blessed and greetings we send. Wishing you all a wonderful year –

“Happy Christmas to all, and to all some good cheer!”


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