$#*! my British Friend Says

She’s baaa-aack….After being gone for 2 weeks, The Brit is back and we had a lovely time catching up over lunch. Here are a few random snippets from that conversation and throughout the rest of the day:

“My Lord it was bloody Baltic!”

“So I’m stuck in the middle seat and the kid next to me not only obviously has the flu but also Turrets!”

“He had the bloody hat on and was chasing me round the house with his pipe, talking like Morgan Freeman.”

“After all that, I just thought oh sod it!”

“Oh pisser.”

“Get out of my bleedin’ way! {joking} Ok fine I’ll just go to the pisser then.”

“Oh I’m not staying here ’til 6! Bugger off!”

“What should I do stick a broom up me ass and mop the floor with it?”

2 thoughts on “$#*! my British Friend Says

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