$#*! my British Friend Says

After a particularly, ehem, gut wrenching lunch, the following instant message conversation took place between me and The Brit:

  • The Brit [3:36 PM]: oh god my guts
  • Me [3:36 PM]: rut ro
  • The Brit  [3:37 PM]: HAHAHAHA
  • Me [3:38 PM]: and let me guess, you’re here til like 8 tonight
  • The Brit [3:38 PM]: no i am going to leave any minute and propel myself home with wind power
  • Me [3:39 PM]: lol…in more ways than one…
  • The Brit [3:39 PM]: oh no just one way, via methane
  • The Brit [3:40 PM]: or oil slick
  • Me [3:40 PM]: remind me to leave before you…
  • The Brit [3:40 PM]: heheheh

2 thoughts on “$#*! my British Friend Says

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