Yesterday I decided it was time to give Isabella a haircut. She was born with a full head of hair so this will be the 3rd haircut in her 15 months of life. It’s mostly cutting the bangs as I’m trying to let the rest of it grow out long. She seems to have my hair though (poor thing) – thin, fine and slow-growing, with some curl in it. So it doesn’t need to be trimmed that often. I just do it myself because it’s only the bangs and there’s no way I’m going to shell out money for someone to do 3 snips and be done.

But, perhaps I should reconsider.

The first 2 times and it turned out great. Silly me didn’t take a pic of the first haircut (I know, major milestone that I missed. Doh!) but here she is after the 2nd one.

Pretty good, right?

The key is to distract her. Since she is constantly moving, it can be a challenge getting her to sit longer than 30 seconds. Usually if I can sit her down in front of the TV, she’ll get absorbed in it and not even realize I’m chopping her hair.

Well that didn’t work yesterday.

I put her in her Einstein chair and turned on Sesame Street. She was also reading a book so I figured, hey, bonus!  Once she was settled, I got the comb and scissors and started to work. However, she was fully aware of what I was doing and would either pull away or try to grab the comb/scissors, neither of which was helpful. I finally got it  lined up and just as I snipped the scissors, she moved and I cut off more than I had planned.


So of course I had to even it out which meant cutting the rest shorter. And it wasn’t straight so I had to take a little more off and a little more until eventually she looked like this:

And it’s still not even! But I couldn’t bear to keep going shorter so it’ll have to work. I’ll just tell people I did it on purpose to give her that super hip, short choppy bang look. Um, yeah.

By the way, she’s not pointing at the camera here and saying “Bad mommy!” She’s actually eating chocolate Malt-o-Meal for the first time and my guess is she’s trying to slime CJ’s phone.

Anyway, they will grow back and let’s face it, [warning: parental brag alert ahead] no matter what I do to her hair she will still be adorable so I won’t chide myself too much.  I actually do think it’s kind of cute. Makes her already angelic face look that much more cherubic.


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