You Capture: Red

This week’s theme for You Capture was “red”. Sounds easy enough but it was actually quite challenging. I mean, I didn’t want to just shoot every red thing I saw so I had to really keep my eyes open for some interesting and photo worthy “red” moments.

Here’s what I ended up with.

red kiss elmo

While this may not be an award winner in terms of photographic genius, I like it a lot because it’s my sweet little girl kissing her Elmo slipper. What could be more precious than that?

red strawberries

I could look at this picture all day because it reminds me of summer. Yummers.

red blocks

I snapped this when playing blocks with Isabella the other day. The surrounding blocks are actually colored but I really liked the focal black and white. I think it really works with this image.

red cupcake

I’m noticing a pattern here – I take lots of pictures of food. Hey, what can I say, I like to eat! These little beauties were sitting around the office on Tuesday and calling out to me. I didn’t even have to use my super power to hear them.

red lights

This one was a happy accident. I was putting red lights up in Isabella’s room for Valentine’s and thought the bundle on the floor might make for a cool picture. Turns out, it did! I think this is my new favorite of the bunch!

So there you have it – Red!!

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