You Capture: Technology

This week’s You Capture theme was “technology”. As someone who works in a technical field, you’d think this would be pretty easy. However, technology pictures aren’t all that sexy so it was a challenge. Honestly, this was my least favorite theme so far, which I suppose makes it a good one since I had to stretch my photography muscles.

Here’s what I ended up with:


tech phone chip

This is my Droid (and I just noticed how dusty it is. Eek!). Though it’s over a year old now (which means it’s like, such an antique), it still works well for me and I love it. Having the world at my fingertips is sometimes a drag, but it’s been a blessing more than a curse so I shall take the good (being able to Google and find answers to any question at lunch) with the bad (being fully accessible to work even when I’d rather not be).


tech keyboard

My keyboard at work.  Everyday my fingers dance over these keys and create emails, documents, models, and more. A good keyboard is super important to me!


tech mouse

What would a keyboard be without it’s buddy, the mouse? Like my mama always said, they go together like peas and carrots.

And because I can’t bear to do a You Capture without including a picture of my daughter, here she is sporting pigtails over the weekend.

pigtails pigtails2

So cute! Only problem is, her hair is really fine (just like mine – hey, I’m a poet!) so the hairbands don’t stay in. Any one have suggestions for me on where I could go to get ones that are meant for baby hair?

That’s it! Here’s hoping that next week’s theme will be something I can get more excited about!

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