You Capture: Smile

This week’s You Capture was easy and fun. We have a lot of smiles around our house so it was simply a matter of being ready to capture them!


smile samson

Some people say that dogs don’t show emotion but this sure looks like a smile to me. This was taken after a good romp and play in the backyard so he was hot, tired and very happy.


smile bella window

My favorite smile….Isabella loves to play peek-a-boo! She will hide behind doors, furniture, toys, Samson…whatever she things will obscure her. I was lucky to be there at the right time to capture this precious grin when she opened the window in her playhouse! Seeing this smile everyday makes all life’s troubles fade away.


smile owen

Isabella’s boyfriend Owen came over to play on Saturday and really enjoyed eating his cupcake. I tell ya, this boy is well trained when it comes to smiling for the camera. All I had to do was say cheese and he’d break out in a big grin! I think it helps that his mommy is a photographer. Don’t you think he and Isabella make a cute couple?


smile bella tired

This is her “I’m tired and ready to collapse but I have to keep playing” smile. Poor thing was exhausted and practically fell asleep in my arms before I could get her to the bed. It was a good, fun tired though!

I have one more to show…but it’s not nearly as cute as the others. I wanted to represent CJ and me in this series but I ran out of time and didn’t capture any. So, I took a quick self-portrait this morning after finishing the Shred. I’m hot and sweaty, but happy to be done with my workout! 


I kept it small though. No sense in magnifying my glorious sweatiness!

There you have it! If you want to see what others did with the theme this week, head on over to Beth’s!

you capture logo

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