You Capture: Summertime

This last week has been HOT! As such, we’ve spent most of our time inside, trying to stay cool. I also had a death in the family this week and therefore wasn’t very focused on taking pictures. But I did get a few that will work!

summertime eggs

When I was walking out to my car, getting ready to meet a friend for lunch, I saw these broken eggs lying on the sidewalk. I didn’t see a nest or any birds around so I hope the little baby is ok.

summertime garden

If it’s too hot to go outside and pick your own vegetables, might as well do it in a fake garden! On Sunday I took Isabella to the Omaha Children’s Museum for a couple hours. Normally we would go to sand volleyball but it was reaching 100 degrees and that’s too hot for Munch to be out playing. She enjoyed herself at the museum and particularly liked picking these “vegetables” and putting them in a basket. Then she put them all back, like a good girl. Only, she put them back upside down. Oh well.

summertime pointing

They have a little water park thing there too with rubber ducks and boats and fountains in it. Next to it they have a hand dryer in case you get too wet and need to dry off. She was pointing that out to some guy while holding a rubber ducky.

Well that’s it for this week! Head over to Beth’s to see what other talented folks have done for this theme!

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