Bringing Home the Gold!

Switching jobs a few months ago was a decision I’m really happy with. Not only do I have great opportunities for moving my career forward, getting awarded a bonus every quarter and the chance to be a part of a large company that’s really growing, I also get other perks like free tickets to baseball games and the opportunity to…

…meet an Olympian!

Our company is one of the sponsors for the 2012 Olympic Games in London and as part of that, have several athletes that they are supporting. Many of them are going to make visits to our offices to meet the associates and we get to take our picture with them!

The one in Omaha that came today was Anna Tunnicliffe and she’s on the sailing team.

The photo session was pretty quick. No time to chat! I went in, shook her hand and introduced myself, smiled for the camera (of course I blinked the first time so they had to redo it – thank God for digital cameras or else  I would have looked like a doof in my once-in-a-lifetime pic with Anna), wished her luck and that was it!

Got the pic back 10 minutes later.


Ok first of all, I know I’m really, really pale. Like practically translucent. But standing next to someone who spends most of her time out in the sun on the water, I look positively ghostly! Mental note: next time apply some lipstick or pinch your cheeks!!

Later, during an internal town hall meeting, another Olympian, David Oliver, got up and spoke. He was very inspirational (and funny)! I am proud to work for a company that supports these fine athletes and people.

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