You Capture: White

I  love the You Capture assignments that revolve around color. Red, pink and purple were some of my favorite weeks. The interpretations are so varied and open – anything goes! I like that freedom. Sometimes I feel stifled when the subject matter is more specific.

When I saw “white” was the theme, I immediately began looking around for anything that might be interesting.

And I found nothing. I guess I was looking too hard!

So I started relaxing about it and finally found a few things that would work!

white shirt

I kept leaving this white shirt out in the mornings for CJ to dress Isabella in so that I could get her in a “white” pic and every night when I came home, she was wearing something else. Finally on Monday she wore it and I was able to get this picture. What she’s looking at is CJ off to the right hiding under the dining room table and she’s trying to find him.

white samsonface

Samson is starting to get more white on his face and showing that he’s not a young pup anymore! It really hit me when we came back from vacation and I picked him up from my parent’s house. I guess being away from him for a week made me see it more clearly. He looks really sad in this picture but actually that’s his face of annoyance. I took like 8 shots before finally getting one I liked. He had about had enough!

white hat

On my way in to the kitchen this evening I spotted this. It struck me because with Isabella’s hat sitting on her shoes like that, it looks like a little person hiding under there! It made me giggle.

white lego2

And finally, I had to get the white Mega Blok in there. I did a similar shot for the You Capture: Red assignment and it felt apropos to repeat it for white.

Well there you go! The only other white I could think to add was a picture of my legs, and no one wants to see that. Let’s face it kids, no matter how long I sit outside I will never be tan. Even at my most tan I look like a ghost next to everyone else. That’s all right. When I’m 80, I’ll have the skin of a 50 year old and be out cougaring around for a hot youngster!

Head on over to Beth’s to check out the white pictures other shot!

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