Random Thought Tuesday

First of all, let us all rejoice that it is the first work day of the week and it is in fact a Tuesday. Can I get an AMEN for long holiday weekends!?!

Now on to the randomness…

1. Isabella was a good baby. No colic and not real fussy. Pretty easy (so I’ve been told). We had an occasion night here and there when she wouldn’t sleep but overall I’d say we were darn lucky. So when it took over 90 minutes to get her to sleep last night, amongst crying and jumping and singing and yelling and bargaining and throwing tantrums (and that was just what I was doing), we were shell shocked. Again. Well, I was. CJ was spared for the most part thanks to being the league manager for Omaha Sports Club volleyball (yes OSC, you owe me one – I’ll add it to the list). He conveniently had to make phone calls to arrange tonight’s tryouts so I was on mom duty alone. At one point, I sat in the chair, pulled my knees to my chin, covered my ears and rocked. But she kept crying. I finally had it and went stomping in to her room and yelled “STOP IT RIGHT NOW!” as I picked her up. That sent her in to more tears, but these were the sad, scared kind, not the fakey “I’m just trying to get attention and avoid bed” kind. I was immediately sorry and guilty and cuddled her tight. And then went downstairs and told CJ to please for the love of God go up and get her to sleep. Then I zoned out in front of the TV and tried to escape. I was just sure that she would remember mommy yelling at her and hate me forever. But this morning she didn’t want me to leave for work and begged me to hold her just one more time. Life is good again.

2. And now for some pictures of Isabella, just because.


Here she is playing in the giant camel tunnel at the Omaha Children’s Museum.


And here she is dressed up as that same camel! Don’t ya just want to smother those cheeks in kisses?

3. It’s time to start over. On a lot of fronts. I see September as a month for new beginnings. We get to start over in a new house. We get to start over trying for another baby (I hope the walls of the new house are sound proof if ya know what I mean – ha!). And I get to start trying to lose the weight I gained in pregnancy. I put on about 8 lbs in that 10 weeks. Two of it is already gone, thanks to the procedure, so I have about 6 to go. I need to get back to eating more fruits and veggies and fewer sweets, along with more regular workouts.

We also need to tighten up the budget. Over the summer we got spend-happy – working on the house, going on vacation, buying for a new house – so it’s time to reign that in too. No more online shopping for things I don’t need. No more eating out every weekend and every breakfast (for me). We have to start spending more consciously so that we can pay off the credit card and pay down our new loan. Time to remember our resolutions from January. We accomplished one already, now it’s time to make serious progress on the other two!

4. THE OFFICIAL PRO-SEASON FOOTBALL GAMES START THIS WEEK! Sorry for yelling at you all but I have so missed my Steelers. While it was fun to watch Hines kick up his heels during the off season, I’m ready for some good old fashioned Pittsburgh ball. First game is this Sunday! Yippee! I suppose I should go check on my Fantasy team…see who I have on my roster. I’m ready to kick some ass!

5. For the past 3 days I’ve been having major acid reflux/indigestion/heartburn, accompanied by a back ache. According to Google, I either have gallstones or am having a heart attack. Maybe I should call my doctor tomorrow.

6. I have these 2 items upstairs in my kitchen, taunting me:

photo 4

Chocolate chip cookie dough…

photo 3

…and chocolate chip Oreo fudge brownies. The picture doesn’t do it justice. It’s really quite the slice of heaven. How can you go wrong with a dessert that has chocolate chip cookie bars topped with double stuff Oreos and fudge brownies? You can’t. You just can’t. If it weren’t for items #3 and #5 on the list, I’d be face deep in one or both of them right now. But I’m not. See, I can show restraint.

Well, that’s it for me tonight. Time to go upstairs and crash in to bed. Isabella went down easy tonight so I think I’ll follow suit. Nighty-night!

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