Tailgating and The Hunt

In honor of tonight being the first night of the regular NFL season, I decided that Isabella and I would have a tailgate party for dinner (CJ was gone running volleyball tryouts). Our version involved little bowls of finger foods set out on blanket in the living room.

I told Isabella to gather up her friends and sit on the blanket, er towel, and wait for me to bring out the food. She eagerly complied!

photo 1

Here’s what we had: chicken nuggets, hot dogs, crackers, cheese, carrots, grapes, cookies, edamame and apples.

photo 2

Isabella thought it was great fun! She actually gasped when I set the tray down. By the way, we had Samson locked up in his kennel for this ordeal otherwise the food wouldn’t have stood a chance. More on him later.

photo 3

Clifford even bellied up to the bar!

photo 4

Our little self portrait filmstrip.

photo 5

picnic 1

picnic 2

Once dinner was done, we headed outside to explore. When I got out there, I found this:

samson dig

Normally those bricks are lined up nice and neat, with the drain laying on top of them. Oh and that hole in the back isn’t usually there.

Guess who thought there was a small animal inside the drain that he must hunt down and dig out at all costs?


Yeah…this guy. CJ had warned me about it. Samson’s big hunting party had occurred some time during the afternoon so now he’s not allowed outside unless accompanied by an adult, until a little landscaping can be done to fix the mess he made.


Now it’s time to head back upstairs and finish watching the game, while I sort coupons in my new coupon holder. I know, step back! You only wish your life was as exciting as mine! Maybe with a nifty coupon organizer, I’ll be more effective with couponing and can save us a little more money!

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