Finally. FINALLY!!

We have the curtains up in the master bedroom!


You may recall that they’ve been on backorder for 2 months! Well they arrived Friday and we hung them up on Monday!


I was worried at first that the dark color would be too much for the room. In our old house it would have made the bedroom look like a matchbox. But in this house, the room is big enough to handle it. And the cool pattern gives them some added interest.

Also, these are blackout curtains. Personally, light filtering into the room doesn’t bother me. But CJ is very sensitive to it and insisted we get light-blocking drapes. I actually bought 2 other sets and took them back before landing on these. The other ones were from Target and didn’t block the light at all. These are from JCPenney and do a great job.

Here’s what the room would look like at night if we didn’t have the curtains.


I kept the lamps on because otherwise I couldn’t get a good picture.

Here’s the room with the curtains closed.


I know from the photos they don’t look all that different, but trust me, they are.

We really love them both for how they finish off the room nicely and because they make sleeping that much easier. And really, anything that does that is a winner in my book!

In other news…

I mentioned a couple weeks ago about going on a flower potting expedition with some girls from work. I had left my pot at the garden center because the owner of the shop keeps them and fertilizes/waters/etc. to make sure the flowers get over the shock of being replanted.

Well I got it back yesterday and here it is!


I took a pretty little white strawberry pot and put Begonias around the side and a Batface Cuphea in the middle.

The Begonias are already starting to fill out and grow.


The Batface Cuphea is on its regeneration phase. In other words, most of the flowers fell off and a new batch is growing in!

They are called “batface” because some people think that the flowers look like little bat faces, with the top petals being the ears and the purple fuzzy inside being the face.


I put the pot outside near the back corner, so it can be seen from the back or side of the house. I put some hanging baskets next to it to create a pretty little grouping.


Ten bonus points if you can spot the sad faced Labrador who’s sick and tired of having to wear his leash every time he goes outside. Sorry buddy, 3 more weeks…


I think as the flowers grow and fill out, this will look really pretty.


I plan to do more planting this weekend, filling in the pots out front and adding some others to the back.

That’s all for now! Time to wrap it up for bed!

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