Deep Thoughts, from Isabella

Isabella and I went to the park after dinner. We had a nice time and as we approached home, I was satisfied that she’d been worn out enough.


Next up on the agenda: bath time.

However, when we got back to our block, we saw that all the neighbor kids were outside playing. One of the little boys even made a point to come over and said “hi” to us! I figured bath time could wait and asked Isabella if she wanted to go over and play. She said no. I asked again and she still said no. Ok, fine. So we waved at everyone and went inside.

Now I remember when I was a kid. We would stay outside and play until the very last minute. The rule was that once the street lights came on, it was time to go in. We would audibly groan when the street lights came on and slowly drag our feet, trying to eek out every possible ounce of light and playtime. That kid in me could not understand why my daughter would refuse an opportunity to stay out and play over taking a bath.

So I asked her.

“I’m all alone,” she said. “Everyone is alone.”


Apparently she was channeling a tween Emo kid.

“You wouldn’t be alone if you played with the other kids,” I replied.

She sighed, shrugged and said, “I guess so” as she turned and walked away.

Apparently that was enough to make her think though because a few minutes later she came over and told me that she wanted to go out and play with all the kids.

Now that’s more like it!

The kid party turned in to an impromptu adult beer night, so we both had fun!

When we finally came home and I got her in to bed, she told me that she couldn’t sleep because, “The wind is coming from the East.”

An Emo kid with a penchant for meteorology perhaps?


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