Dress Up

Today I took a walk with an astronaut and mountain climber and then had tea with a princess, railroad conductor AND a Viking. What can I say, I have a wide variety of friends and interests!

When Isabella woke up this morning, we headed out for what has become a Saturday morning tradition – a mommy and daughter walk

Last week we encountered a flock of geese at the lake, just as the sun was coming up.


This week we stopped to play at the park. My original plan was to just walk and push her in the stroller but she so badly wanted to stop and play. Plus, I figured it was probably the best time to do it, given it was the coolest part of the day. So we stopped and she rode the shuttle to outer space!


We kept walking until we came upon a second park. We stopped for more play time and she was able to climb the curved ladder thing all by herself for the first time (and second, third and 4th too)!


If you ask her, Munchkin will tell you that she climbed the “equipment”. Heaven forbid she use a word that most kids would use like “ladder” or “steps” or “bars”. No no, she climbed the equipment.

We got home and had breakfast, cleaned up and then it was dress up time!

Isabella set up the table with all the foods for the picnic and then it was time to eat!


She was really enjoying pretending to drink that soda since she’s not allowed to have any in real life.

Viking hat looks good on her, eh?

I tried it on for size as well.


Adding a feather boa to go with, naturally (thanks to the Brit for the gift)!

We both also took turns being princesses.

Here’s Isabella’s version –


And here’s mine.


She then took a turn at being a railroad conductor (showing off her fancy jewels)!


While I did my best Disney Villain impression.


MUHAHAHAHA! Beware or I’ll laser you with my crazy eye!

Samson even got in on it!


I was able to snag that pic in the 2 seconds he was not trying to attack the boa. He must of detected a hint of bird scent still left on the feathers because he went flippin’ crazy when we pulled it out of the bag.

We followed the pretend tea party with a real lunch and naptime. At one point, Isabella asked me when I was going to work. I told her I didn’t have to work today and that I would be with her, Daddy and Dude all day! She got a big smile on her face and then ran over and gave my legs a big hug!

My sentiments exactly. Not a bad way to spend a day. Not bad at all!

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One thought on “Dress Up

  1. Sarah, The photos are so cute. I am so happy that you and Isabella could have such a fun time together. I think you were right when you sad not a bad day at all. She will treasure these memories that you are making with her. Love you. Mom


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