Singing for Her Supper

Isabella loves to sing. She always has. It’s usually pretty random too.

Here’s a video of her singing the “Stoplight Song” in the car the other night.

In case you didn’t know what the colors mean…

Right after I shot this, she asked me when it would be on YouTube. I guess the answer turned out to be “one week.”

Tonight, during dinner, she broke out in to the Olympic anthem. Now, the Olympics were over like almost a month ago and we certainly haven’t been singing the song. But she felt the need to bust it out.

(You may need to turn up the volume for this one)

Makes me yearn for male athlete abs once again

I’m just impressed that she actually remembered it!

Just thought I would share those little snippets of our life – and her singing talents. My mom tells me over and over that Munchkin “has music in her”. Indeed she does. I’m counting down the days until her first record contract when the big bucks start rolling in. Toddlers and Tour Buses anyone?

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