It Only Took a Year

Over a year ago I bought Isabella a shirt. I was both excited and nervous about buying it as I didn’t want to be presumptuous. Unfortunately, shortly after I made the purchase, life happened and she wasn’t able to wear it. I put the shirt away and waited for another day.

It’s been hanging in the back of her closet ever since. There was one day when her Grandpa put it on her after she spilled on another shirt. He didn’t know that the time wasn’t right. I took it off her soon after he left.

Now, a year later, the time has finally come for her to put it on and wear it with pride.


Around April 10th of next year, Miss Isabella will take on a new role as big sister as we welcome a new baby in to our family!


I am currently 10 weeks along. We’ve known for just over a month but didn’t dare say anything given our history of early miscarriage. Our first doctor appointment was 2 weeks ago. That’s when we got this beautiful picture.


Doc said everything looked excellent and baby was on track. Still, I was a bit apprehensive given my “advanced age” (who knew 35 was advanced?) and history so she suggested I come back in 2 weeks instead of the typical 4.


I went back in today, for my 10 week appointment. It was at the 10 week appointment last August that we got the devastating news that we had lost that baby. Part of me was terrified of repeating that day. Yet part of me was confident things would be different this time.

And they were!

Doctor was able to hear the heartbeat with the Doppler machine right away and it was very strong. Her exact words were, “It doesn’t get any better than that.”

Isabella was with us at the 8 week appointment and as we were leaving she looked down my shirt and said, “I don’t see a baby.” I told her it was in my tummy. “Did you eat it?” she asked. Her reaction to this whole thing has been quite amusing. She asks me every day if the baby is here yet. One day I heard her say from the other room, “Well, I better poop before the baby comes.”

So we can now shout it from the rooftops and proclaim to the world – Team Trader is having a baby!

2 thoughts on “It Only Took a Year

  1. Girl, I am SO happy for the both of you! Since you live so close we will have to get together soon! I’m glad you have made it past your nervous point and that all is healthy, strong, and doing beautifully!!!


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