Twinkle Twinkle

I am not very musically inclined. I don’t play any instruments and the only singing I do is in the safety of my own car.

Trust me, no one wants to hear me sing.

I took piano lessons in 6th grade but quit after about 6 months. I hated it. Mostly I was undisciplined in practicing and got frustrated if I wasn’t perfect. Plus the idea of performing solo in a recital scared the bejeezus out of me. So I dropped out.

An ex-boyfriend tried to teach me to play guitar once but I quit that because it hurt my fingers too much.

So it looks like Isabella got her musical gifts from her Daddy. CJ sang in his high school choir, played drums in marching band and was in many musical theatre productions in both high school and college. In fact, he was going to college to study Music and Theatre.

Isabella has shown that she’s musically inclined from a very young age. She was singing Beatles songs when she was 2. She could play out the correct beat of a song after just hearing it a couple times. She could memorize lyrics quickly and recognize voices (for example – when we played her a song from “The Sound of Music”, she instantly recognized Julie Andrews voice as being that of Mary Poppins).

And now she’s learning to read music!

One of the toys that we dug out of the basement the other day is a little piano that she had as a baby. She was excited to see it and wanted to play with it again. The piano has a little book on it that shows the notes of the song and ties them in to the colors and numbers on the keyboard. The other day CJ showed her how to read what was in the book and then play the note. And she caught on immediately!

Isabella playing the piano

She’s also learned “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Michael Row Your Boat”.

One of the toys she wanted for Christmas was a pink piano. We didn’t get it for her but if she keeps showing this kind of interest and aptitude for it, we might just have to oblige!

And then she can teach me how to play piano. So long as I don’t have to give a recital.

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