The Escape Artist

When all babies are born, the hospital wraps them up tight in a swaddling blanket because babies like to feel safe and warm.

Not Cora. From the beginning she has hated anything that constrains her arms or legs.


This was her second day of life. Notice how she has her little arm popped out.

At night, we would put her in a sleep sack that wraps around her arms and she would work and work until her arms were free. So we stopped trying to force it and just kept them out.

She also is not a fan of having her legs or feet covered up. As soon as we put socks on her, they come off.


I’ve pretty much given up trying there.

I remember when Isabella was a baby my mom would insist on keeping her covered with a blanket all the time, and she loved it.

Not Cora. As soon as any blankets are put on her, she kicks them off. It’s become a little game and we use it as a form of exercise for her now.


No blanket in the world can survive the kicking legs of this baby!

See what I mean? As SOON as anything is put over her legs…BAM!…it’s kicked off.

Hey, at least it gets her little legs a-movin’!

Fast forward 16 years in the future and I’m envisioning a gangly teenager sprawled out on the bed sleeping with all covers kicked off. Just you watch…

I’ll end with this other fun little video. I was trying to get footage of Cora talking and smiling. For over a minute she’s just laying there making faces when all of a sudden she lets out a little mini rock n’roll scream! It’s hysterical!

She sounds like an old cassette tape being rewound really fast….


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