Interview with Cora

A few weeks ago I did an Interview with Isabella. Now it’s Cora’s turn!

Miss Cora will be 5 next month and is our fearless, funny, sweet, wild child. She’s a Tomboy who loves Batman, Transformers, super heroes, jumping, running, and coloring. She loves to help mommy and daddy and has a big heart. She’s a tiny little powerhouse who’s the opposite of Isabella in many ways…and also very much like me.

Q: What’s your favorite food?

Apples. Just because.

Q: What’s your favorite color?

Dark blue.

Q: What do you like about school?

My friend Allie.

Q: What do you want people to know about you?

That I’m smart. That’s it.

Q: What are your interests?

Playing with my tarantula car. It’s a Hot Wheels car you know. But actually I like jumping and playing with Isabella more than that.

Q: Who is your favorite person?

Isabella. And Lily and Will from school.

Q: What do you like about Isabella?

She jumps with me.

Q: Who would you be if you could be anyone or anything?

Hmm…Flash cuz he runs fast like me. And Green Lantern is fun. Well, I want to be all the super heroes.

Q: What are your final words?

I like you!

And I love her too. A lot!



“Mom, a gnat just flew in my nose. Don’t worry, I killed it while it was in there.”


I now have no worries that this one will grow up to be  a strong independent woman, fully able to take care of herself. I mean, if you can kill a gnat while it’s inside your nose, what can’t you do?


Adventures of the Week: Moo Mechanics at the Movies

It’s been an interesting week. Course, most weeks are around here. Here are a few highlights.

City Slicker and the cows

My sister lives on an acreage in Iowa. It’s about a 45 minute drive – an easy one that I’ve driven a hundred times.

But Saturday, we had a new experience.

We were about 15 minutes from my sister’s house, I was driving, the girls were in the back coloring and CJ was napping. I came around a corner on a winding country road to see a man with his truck parked on the shoulder and he was flagging me down. I had a few seconds to assess the situation and here was my thought process:

Oh there’s a dude in the middle of the road wearing camo pants and a jacket….with a scruffy beard….he looks suspicious…why is he waving his arms at me….is this a serial killer?…if I pull over will he maim us?

So I did the only logical thing. I yelled at CJ to wake-up while elbowing him.

“Wake up! CJ! Wake up there’s a man in the road! What should I do?”

“Stop the car.” He said.

Fine. Be logical.

So I stopped and rolled down the window. The man came up to the car.

“Hi there ma’am. Sorry for the inconvenience but were moving cattle. We’ll be done soon.”

I looked ahead and sure enough there were 3 people on horses guiding about 35 head of black cows down the road. Ok maybe that made more sense than a serial killer redneck.

Kind of.

“Sorry to hold you up.” The man apologized again. “But better that than running in to a cow. That would be a bad day for everyone.”

Indeed it would be.

Black Panther Experience

Saturday night CJ and I excited went to see Black Panther. We’re huge Marvel comics book geeks so we were stoked!

We get our popcorn but the theatre wasn’t ready yet so we sat in the bar area and waited. There were 3 other groups of people there: a high school aged couple, 2 college girls, and 4 other teens. The girl with her boyfriend yelled over to me and CJ asking how much our popcorn cost. I yelled back, “$14!”

Just then one of the boy’s in the foursome starts laughing and mumbles something about her under his breath. The girl yells, “Are you laughing at me?”

“Yeah!” He says defiantly.

She stands and says, “How dare you laugh at a black woman who is about to see Black Panther!”

Then the boy says something in Spanish. She freaks out and threatens to throw her drink at him while the other 2 girls start cussing him out.

It was at this point that I felt very uncomfortable. Should I step in? What if it escalated? I really didn’t want to get involved.

Our theatre was finally ready and everyone went in. Fortunately nothing more happened.

But the loud mouthed girl who started the whole thing? Yeah, she sat right next to CJ.

Police Supporting Mechanics

On Tuesday I took my car in for an oil change over lunch. No big deal.

A few hours later when I left work and walked to my car, I noticed something inside the back window. I took a closer look and saw that it was a vinyl sticker that said, “I SUPPORT MY LOCAL POLICE”.

What the what?

I peeled it off and tried to figure out who would put it there. It was not in a place the girls could reach and it hadn’t been there that morning. It could only have been one of the mechanics. Did they think I wouldn’t notice?

I was ticked and immediately called the dealership to inform them of the shenanigans from one of their staff. Of course they denied that anyone there would do that but I held firm that it had to be them. They did apologize and promised to investigate.

Over dinner I told CJ about it. He gave me an impish look and said, “Oh yeah…I put it there a month ago.”

What the what?


Blinded by Love

Tonight CJ was reading to Cora. She was sitting on the floor and he was in the chair behind her. I noticed she hadn’t brushed her hair after bath time so I got her the detangler spray and the brush.

She squirts the detangler once, missing her hair by a long shot.

“Ow! My eye!” CJ yells and falls over to the right while covering his left eye. “She got me!”

Naturally I laugh. That’s how I show sympathy.

She squirts again.

CJ jerks to the left and covers both eyes. “She got me again! In the other eye! I can’t believe it!”

At the point I have so much sympathy for him that I double over with laughter.

I quickly recover and get him some eye drops and a cloth, then I help Cora.

I’m not a monster.

Just a city slicker who accuses innocent people of vandalizing my car.

$#*! People Say – The Puzzler

Followers of old may remember a popular segment on the blog called “$#*! My British Friend Says” wherein I posted random quotes my dear friend from Britain would say that were totally random, usually inappropriate and always hilarious. Well, I am proud to say I have more friends that fall in to the category of saying random, inappropriate and hilarious things and I’m happy to share them with you here!

One of those people is The Puzzler (as always, names are changed to protect the innocent). Like The Brit, The Puzzler works with me (she actually works for me….she’s my HR nightmare as you’ll soon see). Unlike The Brit, The Puzzler says things without knowing or understanding that they’re inappropriate until someone explains it to her. Which we may or may not always do. Below are a few highlights – yes she actually said these things in a work environment and none were meant in any kind of sexual way. Also she’s a few years from retirement so she doesn’t really care either.

  • Do you lubricate before bed?
  • Oh no I like going down!
  • You can tell it’s not tight because I can move it.
  • I get off on that
  • Over break my boyfriend and I were playing Ring-a-round the Rosie and he gave me a black eye.
  • Can I have a dickle?
  • I have a tickler for that
  • Wow look at her box
  • Oh we can wait a minute, he’s coming…he’s coming…oh there he comes!

There will be plenty more to come, I can guarantee it.

An Interview with Isabella

Since it’s been 4 years, I thought it would be good to provide some updates on the girls. Kids change practically overnight it seems so you can imagine how much they’ve changed over the last few years! But instead of me writing paragraphs of my observations, I thought it would be more fun to just interview them so they could tell you about themselves in their own words! First up, Isabella, who is currently 8 years old and in 3rd grade. She has glasses, beautiful long blonde curly hair, was diagnosed with ADHD in kindergarten, is very literal, logical and thoughtful and she amazes me.

Q: What is your favorite food?

Apples. I don’t know why. I guess because they’re juicy.

Q: What is your favorite color?

Blue, then turquoise, green, purple, pink and so on and on and on until all the colors are used up.

Q: What do you like most about school?

Art on Wednesdays. Also, Wednesday is chicken nugget day which is my favorite. [Then she leaned in and whispered: they don’t really call it ‘chicken nugget day’, I just made that up.]

Q: What do you want people to know about you?

That I’m not a small person who doesn’t know anything. I can’t be beat up. Like Dad says, I have sharp elbows.

(This answer surprised me so I asked her if she was worried about being “beat up”. She said no. Then added that she is the smallest in her class and sometimes people think that means she’s doesn’t know things. “But I know a lot of things mom, I just don’t say them.”)

Q: What are your favorite things to do?

Draw and color. I like drawing silly pictures for people. Also monsters.

Q: Who is your favorite person?

Mrs. J and Jayden. I can’t decide which so don’t make me.

Q: What do you like most about Cora?

She’s funny. But sometimes I don’t get it. She can be weird too.

Q: If you could be anyone else in the world, who would you be?

A stuffed animal come to life because then you can be snuggled and loved but also talk to people and do things.

Q: What’s the biggest thing that’s changed about you since you were 4 years old [which is how old she was when I stopped blogging]

I talked weird then. (Then she said, “You don’t have to write this part down Mom but I would say things like “Big, Bigger, and Biggerer“. That’s so weird!”)

Q: Any final words that you want to share with Mommy’s friends?

I would want them to know that I have a space themed room. I like space stuff. Also, interviews are fun. I like them too.


Today Isabella brought home an activity from school for hitting 100 days. Thought I’d share some of her answers.

  • I would not want 100…cats (the only reason is because my sister is allergic)
  • If I had $100 I would buy….an animal shelter.
  • I can lift 100…pieces of paper (make that 1000!)
  • In 100 years I hope I can…still walk
  • I can eat 100….chocolates (in one week)
  • I could never eat 100….pieces of pizza

And there you have it. Isabella in her own words. And what amazing words they are!