Fluffy Butt

Is it weird that I’m obsessed with my dog’s butt?

Yes? Oh.

Here’s the thing. First of all, she has a really cute butt. It’s fluffy and soft with a beautiful mixture of colors.

Also, she always sits like this, with her legs splayed out behind her that just makes it even cuter.

sandy butt2

However, my current obsession isn’t due to the fact that her rear is so dear. It’s because she’s molting back there.

Let me explain.

Sandy has a lot of fur with a thick undercoat. During the summer months when the temperature warms up, she sheds, like many other dogs. However, she also does this other weird thing.

She loses tufts of hair just from her behind.

My theory is that when the undercoat is ready to come off, it moves its ways to the back of her body and these little puffs of hair bubble up and eventually pop out. She doesn’t have them anywhere else except her hind-end. See the discolored spots at the top of her back legs and going on down toward her knee, that are whiter than the other fur that’s more tan? Those are the tufts that are ready to pop out.

sandy butt3

(Yes, I snuck a pic while she was drinking water. Otherwise she would keep turning around wanting to play and never let me get a picture of her hiney!)

I’ve never had a dog who sheds their undercoat in quite this same way. I think it’s so funny. If left untouched, those little tufts would pop out on their own and I’d find them on the floor or furniture. But I never let it get that far. Instead I tug at them and pull them loose on my own.

sandy tuft2

When she has a whole bunch of them, like in the pic above of her drinking, I become obsessed with pulling them all out (I literally started doing that 2 seconds after snapping the photo). It’s like people who can’t help themselves from picking the peeling skin from a sunburn (guilty) or popping pimples (not guilty) or scraping off chipped nail polish (sometimes guilty). It must be done!

Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt her and they come out really easily. She doesn’t like me doing it just because I don’t think she enjoys people messing with her butt. She’ll immediately turn around or sit down, limiting my access. CJ laughs because I have to sneak it. Sandy will be sleeping innocently on the couch and I’ll go up and start pulling at tufts. Or she’ll be begging for food from him and I’ll use that opportunity to de-puff her.

It’s oddly satisfying to get several of them at once, especially if they are really big ones.

So there you have it. My obsession with my dog’s butt. Don’t get me wrong, I love every bit of her and her face is pretty darn sweet too.


If following Sandy around picking tufts of hair out of her butt is wrong, than I don’t want to be right.