I have a drinking problem

No, not that kind of drinking problem. I have the kind where I don’t drink enough during the day. They say you’re supposed to drink 8 – 8 oz cups of water (or other liquids) a day. That’s 64 oz. That’s a lot of water! I have a water bottle at work that holds 32 oz. Obviously I would need to drink 2 of those to hit the 64 oz goal. On most days, I’m lucky if I drink half of it!

I’ve always been a slow drinker. In school when others were downing cans of pop all day long, I could barely finish one for the entire day!! It would go flat and get warm before I could finish so I ended up tossing nearly half of it.

When I was pregnant, the doc told me to drink 96 oz. of water. What!?!? Is she crazy! That seemed nearly impossible for me! I did manage to drink more than usual but I never made it to 96 oz a day. I just can’t drink that much. Besides, it had me going to the bathroom every 15 minutes! Who can get anything done when you’re getting up that much?

I still try to push myself to drink as much as I can. I get about 12 oz. in each morning during my workouts. I usually have milk or juice with breakfast and I always have a cup of tea when I get to work. So my mornings start out pretty good. But once I’m done with my tea, it’s a struggle to get more liquids in. What can I say, I’m a sipper, not a gulper.

My goal for the day is to finish all 32 oz. in my water bottle. Baby steps. I’ll be sitting in a meeting all day so there’s no excuse. {raising a glass} Cheers!

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