Crafty costumes

I’ve never been very creative when it comes to crafts. Art I can do. Crafts, no. Scrapbooking? Photography? Yes. Needlepoint? Crocheting? No.

But now that I’m a mom, that is starting to change. For Isabella’s 1st birthday, I made her a onesie that has the number “1” on the front and the Team Trader logo on the back.



Now we’re in October which of course means Halloween. And that means costumes. Last year I bought Isabella a costume. She was only a month old so it didn’t seem worth the effort to make something. But this year I didn’t want to go buy something that any other kid could wear. I wanted to make her something special. But what?
Well it hit us the other day as we were watching her walk. CJ commented that she looked like Frankenstein or a mummy because she walks stiff with her hands out in front. A mummy! That’s what she can be! So I went out and bought some white pants, a white shirt, hat and twin sheet. Last night I started the costume and it was really easy. I ripped up the sheet into strips and simply glued them on the clothes, going around so that it looked ‘wrapped’. I even took some of the strips and soaked them in tea to give them that yellowed, old look. I will attach those pieces tonight once they’re dry. It looks really cute. I’m toying with the idea of writing “Mommy’s Mummy” on the front or just leaving it as it. We’ll see.
I’m quite proud of myself for getting all crafty and attempting to make something. I can’t promise to do this every year but for now, it’s kind of a fun challenge!

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