Celebrations of Halloweens Passed!

CJ and I didn’t dress up this year. We wanted to and had costumes all planned out (I was going to be Katy Perry and he was going to be Elmo) but time didn’t allow for it. Usually we go all out with our costumes. Here are some of them from the past (some years have more than one because we had several parties and didn’t want to repeat!):

2003: Chicago the Musical - I was Velma Kelly and CJ was Billy Flynn


2003: I was an 80's diva and CJ was a nerd


2004: CJ was Death on Vacation and I was "The shower scene from Psycho"


2004: Death on Vacation, I was a sexy witch and our friend Jason was an ice vampire.


2004: Jason was a Lobster, I was Little Red Riding Hood and CJ was a Canadian Mountie


2005: Phantom of the Opera! I'm Christine Dye and CJ is the Phantom!


2006: CJ was the Green Hornet and I am Batgirl


2008: Mavericks! CJ is "Maverick" from Top Gun and I'm Sarah Palin


2009: Goth!


2009: New Parents!

As you can see, we usually go all out and we like to be original. Hopefully next year we’ll have more time and be back in the swing of things!
Here is Munchkin from last year:

A kangaroo


And a puppy dog!

Later today or tomorrow I’ll try to post some pics of her dressed up this year! Happy Halloween!!

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