Election Day

I will be so glad when these elections are over and the political ads can stop. I find them so annoying and all they do is make me NOT want to vote. As a result, I really have no idea who is running in Nebraska/Omaha and what they stand for. It’s bad, I know. I should pay better attention and actually CARE, but I don’t. I really just want it to be over.

Why can’t there be a politician who doesn’t slam their opponent and resort to name calling? When will some “average Joe” run on actual values and good ideas? Is it even possible?

Despite my “anti-political” feelings I know that it is important to vote and I encourage everyone to get out there. It’s our duty and our right.

On another note, here are a few pictures of Mummy Munchkin!

Look out! She'll kill you with her cuteness!


The mummy walk


Our little family


Ready to call it a night after some trick-or-treating

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