‘Tis the season

I heard 2 stories today (thanks Rhonda!) that were good reminders as to what this season, and what every season, should be about. Christmas is not about all the gifts or cookies or lights or movies. It’s about helping each other and demonstrating love, in whatever way we can.

Here are the 2 stories:

“I just got this message from my friend who is a receptionist at Westroads Hyundai and this just happened as she sat there and watched. A lady in the waiting room was talking to the Service Rep about her car needing brakes badly and said it would have to wait because she was broke. Another gentleman overheard the conversation and pulled the Service Rep aside. He told him to put the brakes on and put it on his bill and to not tell her who paid for it. He said tell her God was looking out for her. True story…just happened.”

And the second one:

“My friend is in Italy and had her purse stolen on Tuesday. So she’s at the Consulate getting a new passport and she’s 1 euro short of the cost and doesn’t know what to do, after standing in line etc. The lady behind her gives her the money.  My friend says give me your address so I can pay you back and she said nah just pay it forward!”

Amen to that and here’s to paying it forward!

3 thoughts on “‘Tis the season

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