A Year in Review

I have spent the day taking down our Christmas decorations. It’s kind of sad, but yet, I’m also ready to move on. Sort of like how I feel about 2010. It’s a bittersweet moment as this year was so momentous for us in many ways, but at the same time, I see so much potential for 2011.

I have thought all week about the best way to send off 2010. I contemplated doing some top 10 lists. I pondered writing a long dissertation on the events of the year. But none of those seemed quite right. Instead, I’m going to keep it simple and jot down a few words that sum up the year and then let some pictures tell the rest of the story.

So, without further adieu, here is 2010, in 100 words or less:

This was a year of learning and growing – for all of us. Watching Isabella grow into her own person has truly been delightful. This was a year of wins (volleyball games, IIBA elections, promotions) and losses (games, weight, consciousness). We laughed, we cried and we mourned (the loss of my grandma). We also celebrated (Isabella’s 1st birthday) and felt gratitude (for dad’s recovery). 2010, you were a great year and one we won’t ever forget. Here’s to 2011 – may it have just as many good times, if not more, and fewer bad times.

Now, if you’d like to review the Trader Family year in pictures, here’s a link to a Shutterfly photo book I created. Just click on the book and enjoy! Happy New Year!!

Trader album 2010

How would you sum up your 2010?


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