You Win Some, You Lose Some

Did you hear? The Packers won the Super Bowl! Which of course means the Steelers lost. You probably didn’t hear because they only show it on TV every 5 minutes. I for one had to really search to find the outcome of the game.

Ok, all sarcasm aside, yes, it was disappointing to see the Steelers lose and I was sad when I went to bed. But, I don’t mind losing to a team like the Packs. They’re a good team and I do like Aaron Rodgers a lot. Now, if we had lost to the Patriots, I would have really been ticked!

Despite how the day ended, the rest of it was great! We spent most of it at home watching pre-game coverage and coaching Isabella to say “Go Steelers!” Instead she would point to the emblem on my shirt and say “Steelers kites.” I guess they do look like kites. But the Pittsburgh Kites doesn’t sound very tough. Course, neither does the Arizona Cardinals or the New Orleans Saints but they manage to get by with it. Still, I’m not sure I could get behind a team named after a piece of fabric that haphazardly blows in the wind.

But, I digress. 

Around 4:00, we headed out to a Super Bowl party. Isabella was set and ready to go in her own Steeler kites shirt!!

No, she’s not squinting. That’s her game face. Or maybe that’s her “blue steel” (which would be appropriate). What can I say, she’s fierce!!

(By the way, the adorable Steeler bow she’s wearing was custom-made for her by Cindy from Tutu Your World. Cindy does great work so this is my shameless plug for her.)

Here’s Munchkin with her daddy (no worries, he does have a Steelers shirt on underneath the maroon one, otherwise I wouldn’t have let him leave the house).

We were among the first ones there, which was good. Gave Munchkin a chance to survey the lay of the land and get to know Sammie, another girl who’s just a year older.

Isabella was a little shy at first, but before too long she was running around with all the little ones. She was the youngest so there were times when she didn’t understand what they were doing or didn’t quite fit in, but overall I think she had a blast just running around the rooms! It was hard for me to keep up with her!

Here was my dilemma: I’m a pretty social person and really enjoy being out with friends. But I also really love the Steelers and wanted to focus on the game. On top of that, I had an active 16 month old that needed looking after. So I was torn about what my priority should be. Ok, not that torn. I mean, obviously Isabella is the priority, but that still left the other 2 things. So here’s what I did. The first quarter, I socialized and watched Isabella. The 2nd quarter, CJ watched Munch so I could focus on the game. At halftime, we went upstairs where it was quiet and both watched her (and the Black Eyed Peas who I thought did a great job). Then the 3rd quarter started and Isabella was getting crabby and CJ was tired and so we decided to head home. Fortunately we were DVRing the game so once we got home and put Munchkin to bed, I could pick up where we had left off and not miss anything.

It was probably better for me to see the ending in the privacy of my own home anyway, where I could sob in peace.

My Father-in-Law was nice enough to call and offer up his condolences though. He said something like, “Well they played with their heads up their butts but I’m still sorry they lost.”

Those tender words really helped to start the healing process.

Now football season is officially over and it’s time to concentrate on other things, like American Idol. Don’t you just love Steven Tyler? He’s like a teddy bear and a drag queen all rolled up in to one. Love it!

Stay strong Steeler nation, we will be back. We always are. We’ve won the Super Bowl 6 times, which is more than any other team in the NFL. That’s why I can be proud of my boys. Even though they didn’t win yesterday, they still made it there, which is more than 30 other teams can say. 

Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Steelers, Cross that goal
Pittsburgh Steelers, Like free wheelers, Roll, roll, roll
Bring us victory and joy will be supreme
And win more fame with ev’ry game
You Pittsburgh Steelers team
Go, Go, Show ’em how a team can fight
Go, Go, Fight with all your might
Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Steelers, Cross that goal
Pittsburgh Steelers, Like free wheelers, Roll, roll, roll
Bring us victory and joy will be supreme
And win more fame with ev’ry game
You Pittsburgh Steelers team!


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