The Magic Behind Couponing

In the spirit of saving money and keeping to a budget, I’m trying to be really disciplined about couponing. Every Sunday I look through the ads and see if there are any coupons or sales that are useful to me. I get a little thrill when I find one, especially if it’s something that I know I need soon.

Being a “couponer” takes commitment and let me tell you, it’s hard to really do it right.

Sure, anyone can clip a coupon. Anyone can see something that will save them $.50 on yogurt, take it to the store and hand it to the cashier. That’s easy. Only amateurs do that.  Doing it in such a way as to save the maximum amount of money and get the best deal, is really hard.

It takes a lot of time and commitment. Time and commitment that I don’t have (or at least don’t want to devote).

To do it right, you have to read all the ads and determine which one has the best deal on say, toilet paper.  Then you find toilet paper coupons. And don’t forget to scour the web too! There could be $.25 out there for you! Once you have that figured out, you move on to the next item and it may or may not be on sale at the same store as the T.P. which means you may have to drive to another store for maximum savings. You continue this process until all your items are covered. By the time you’re done, you could end up driving to 5 different stores and trying to remember what you were supposed to get at each one and not lose the coupons in the process.

Who has time for that?

I saw a show once where a guy went in and literally bought hundreds of dollars worth of groceries and only paid $3 because of all his coupons. I totally admire someone that can do that.

So, while I do want to save money where and when I can, I also want to keep my sanity in the process. Maybe I can hire someone to do it for me. Course, I’d have to spend money on the Couponer which might defeat the purpose.

Unless I can find a coupon for a Couponer.

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