You Capture: Warm

You Capture is moving to Wednesdays until American  Idol is over (Beth’s new rule) so, now you get to see my photos a day early! 😉

I’m beginning to think that Beth from I Should be Folding Laundry can predict the future! Last week the theme for You Capture was “cold. And boy was it cold! This week’s theme was “warm” and guess what – it was warm! Who woulda thunk that it’d reach near 60 degrees in the middle of February. I hope next week’s theme is “millionaire”!

When I originally saw what this week’s theme was, I assumed I’d be shooting photos of things that keep me warm in the winter, like blankets or hot cocoa or a fireplace. But since the weather cooperated, I was able to go outside !

warm sun_edited

This was the first picture I took. It was last Friday when the heat wave started. I was at Target getting some last minute Valentine’s stuff and the sun was just blinding as I drove around the parking lot. I had to stop and take a pic (and got a few weird looks too)!

warm sun 2_edited

I took this one on Saturday, as I was coming out from getting my hair cut. The sun was shining right down on my car, which was parked next to this tree. The heat felt amazing!

Then I climbed in my car, turned it on, and saw this one the dashboard!

warm temps_edited

Yeah, I would say that’s pretty warm for February!

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