V-weekend, part 2

Now on to part 2 of our Valentine weekend. You can read all about part 1 here!

After we got home from Heather and Jeremy’s, we spent the rest of the day, taking it easy. The weather was really nice and the sun shining through the windows was awesome. Isabella and I both took a nap in the morning and while we were asleep, CJ hid Valentine’s around the living room for us. We went on a hunt for them together and Isabella had so much fun with it. I would see one and then ask her if she saw a “card” nearby. She would look around, spot the card, point to it and yell, “YES!”

Here she is handing me the pile of Valentine cards (they were superhero ones):


During the afternoon, I got my baking groove on and made a heart-shaped cake, some cake truffles and chocolate covered rice-Krispy’s, while CJ delivered Valentines to the neighbors (and took down the Christmas decorations). Sounds like a lot but I basically used the same ingredients for it all. I first made up the cake batter and used half of it for the heart-shaped cake and the rest got poured in to a mini-cupcake tin to be baked together. When the mini-cupcakes cooled, I put them in a bowl, crushed ‘em and added chocolate frosting. Mixed that all up and put it in the fridge to chill for a bit. In the meantime, the cake was cool so I frosted it with the remaining chocolate frosting. Then I took some chocolate almond bark and melted it. The truffle batter was chilled enough by now so I rolled it into little balls, dipped those in the melted bark and voila – chocolate cake truffles! With the leftover almond bark, I poured the cereal in and spread on to a cookie sheet. Then everything got topped with red sprinkles! Done and done!

vday-cake_thumb4  vday-truffles_thumb5

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful. Just a lot of playing and laughing and snuggling. Isabella must have known it was a weekend to celebrate love because she sure dished it out – and I soaked it all in!!

Monday arrived, the actual Valentine’s Day, and I woke up to find some flowers from my honey in the refrigerator.


I worked out, got ready for work and then found another gift in the cupboard when I went to feed Samson – a card and chocolate heart. CJ sure knows the way to my heart!

Sunday night I had made up and hid some more cards for Isabella to find and she had fun discovering them throughout the day. I was a little sad that I wasn’t home to see her find each one but at least she knew I was thinking of her while I was at work. Here is her collection of cards, including ones from the grandparents! She is one loved little girl!


After dinner, we gave Isabella a little gift. She got an Elmo Valentine book and a Leap Frog Alphabet Pal caterpillar (which she calls an octopus. I guess they do both have a lot of legs)!

vday-elmo-book_thumb3   vday-caterpillar_thumb3

That was pretty much our Valentine’s weekend! Fairly low key and simple, yet filled with lots of fun and love, the way V-Day should be. To me, it was the perfect way to celebrate.

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