Happy Birthday CJ!

Today, on the Ides of March, is CJ’s birthday! I love birthdays because they mean celebrating the life of someone you love and care about. Instead of writing a big long essay about how much I love my husband (lots and lots!), I will instead leave you with this: CJ is the best guy I know. He’s an AMAZING dad, who I am privileged to have staying at home with our little girl all day, and a loving husband.

Happy birthday Boo! I love you!!

Now, here are some pics from birthdays past…



2005 – Oh my goodness we look so young…amazing how one can change in 6 years!



I can’t find the 2007 pic…oh well…




2009 – with CJ’s dad and our nephew Jack

100_2774 100_2802

2010 –the first birthday shared with Munchkin!

CJ is currently out with his volleyball team, celebrating the fact that he’s turning 39 again! Hence, I am taking the morning off work tomorrow so that he can sleep in and recover from his hangover night out! It’s a win-win for both of us!

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