You Capture: Emotions (black and white)

This week’s You Capture assignment was “emotions in black and white”. I actually had a hard time capturing something other than happy. I mean, sure, there were unhappy times during the week, but most of them weren’t exactly ideal for taking pics.

“I’m sorry you fell down and are crying sweetheart. Hold on while mommy gets her camera!”

So, I feel like I had to stretch a bit in some of these. But, hey, artistic license, right?



Samson in full on freak out mode as we approach Doggie Day Camp. If that’s not true excitement, as he’s whining in my ear and jumping around in the back seat, than I don’t know what is.


emotion contentment2 

Isabella loves to sit in her daddy’s lap and read books. On this day, she piled blankets on CJ, then crawled in his lap with her book. It was like the epitome of contentment.


emotion surprised2

Actually, I’m not really sure that there is an emotion to go with this one (surprise seems to be a reach), I just thought it was a really cool pic. Samson was looking out the window and Munchkin was sitting on the ledge saying “chair”! I stood over them, made a loud audible gasp and this is the response I got.

There you have it! Stayed tuned for next week’s assignment! If you want to see more takes on this theme, check out all the other great links over at Beths!

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