Girl’s Day

Last Friday I wrote about how I cherish my “girl’s nights” with Isabella. Well this week, we practically got a whole day!

See, for Father’s Day last year, I got CJ a coupon entitling him to one “day off” whenever he wanted to redeem it. Meaning, I would take time off work so that he could have the day to himself. Well he decided to split it in to 2 half days, so I took Wednesday morning off (the day after his birthday) and this afternoon.

Instead of describing it all to you, I will show you our day in pictures.

day sand

We went to the park! This was a different one then we went to last week. Isabella enjoyed running around in the sand and climbing on the jungle gym.

day friend

While we were there, another family came and Isabella played with the little girl, Alison, who showed her how to build a sand castle.

day hat

After taking a micro-nap (during which time I did my workout), Isabella decided to wear her heart basket as a hat!  Very stylish…

Copyright TTM 2011

She also had fun pulling everything out of one of her drawers and throwing them on the floor (which obviously needs to be swept – good thing her room is next on the docket for cleaning!). She had to stand on her tip-toes to get to the items in the back.

day looking outside

After dinner, she and Samson were looking longingly out the back door in to the yard. I got the hint that she wanted to go out and play when she grabbed her coat off the couch and started running around yelling, “Outside! Outside!”

day listen

At one point, she stopped and pointed to her ear saying, “Listen…bird.” Sure enough, there were birds chirping! Tweet, Tweet!

day dog

Then she decided that the little garden dog we have needed to be moved. So she carried him all the way across the yard to here, where he napped.

day samson

Samson spent his time looking out at the neighborhood and watching the cat across the street.

Now Munchkin is in bed and I’m getting ready to put my art up on the site (or at least start it). Yeah!


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