You Capture: Vibrance

I will fully admit that I did not think about the You Capture very much this week. I was busy with all kinds of stuff and shooting photos fell by the way side. Fortunately I take a lot of pictures anyway of our daily life so I had a few to choose from. The theme was “vibrance” so I chose to depict it in terms of vibrant colors.

Here is Isabella playing in her wagon. She basically filled her red wagon with blocks and then climbed inside it.

vibrance wagon

Between her orange shirt, the red wagon and blue wheels, there were lots of bright colors that made this photo stand out to me! Plus I love the look on her face!

In this one, Munchkin decided to take 2 of her juice bottles and put them in her school bus. Then she went about pushing it around the kitchen going “vroom! vroom!”

vibrance bus

Again, there is a lot of brightness with the yellow bus and colored juice cups. It’s also a clever way to transport 2 sippie cups!

So there you go. That’s my You Capture for this week! Not too terribly exciting but at least it’s something. I promise I’ll try harder next week! Smile

Go check out some of the other takes on this theme over at Beth’s –>

you capture logo

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