I have one annoying habit.

Well, ok, so maybe I have more than one but this is the one that sticks out the most, at least in my mind.

I pop my knuckles a lot. Half the time I don’t even know I’m doing it. It’s definitely habitual and subconscious. I’ve done it for years too. And I mean YEARS! I remember being like 10 or something and my dad yelling at me to stop because it would cause arthritis.

Guess what – it doesn’t!

I realize it’s an annoyance to others and I have tried to stop on several occasions. But I always go back. It actually feels good to me. It’s relaxing. And as weird as this may sound, I get a kick out of hearing the “cracking” noise. What smoking is to some people, knuckle cracking is to me.

I know…I’m crazy and should be immediately committed.

Here’s a fun fact for you – I can actually pop every joint in my body, except for my elbows (but I’m working on those). Some day I’ll join the circus just to show case this talent. The audience could yell out a joint and I’d pop it on demand.

“Knees!” POP!

“Neck!” CRACK!

“Shoulders!” POP! CRACK! 

In fact, one of the things that tipped me off to CJ being the perfect match for me is that not only does my knuckle cracking not bother him, he does it too! Seriously, you should see us when we wake up in the mornings. He’s over there adjusting his neck and popping his toes while I’m bending and twisting each of my fingers.

Isabella doesn’t stand a chance.

It is for this reason that the Chiropractor is one of my favorite people to go see. Hearing all the sounds that my back and neck make as he works on them are glorious! Music to my ears! And it feels so good.

Case in point – yesterday I paid a visit to Dr. Bill. See, the right side of my neck has been locked up for almost 6 weeks now. Not sure if it’s how I’m sleeping or if it’s the way my computer is set up at work but it’s really tight and painful. Also, a rib on my left side has dislocated again and is super sore. CJ was able to pop it back in for me Saturday and Sunday night but then it slipped back out. So, last night I went to see my chiro.

And it was like a religious experience.

First he did my upper back and got a few pops. I don’t think he got the rib back in but it moved some and is a little better. Then he moved on to my lower back. I swear he literally has me twisted around and then jumps on me with all his weight. POP POP POP!

That’s when he moved on to my neck. Usually he twists it but this time he did something else. He had one hand above my ear and the other on my shoulder and with one quick and forceful movement cranked my head away from my shoulder.

It seriously sounded like someone was standing there with bubble wrap and popped them all at once. Then he went on to do the same thing on the other side. More bubble wrap.

He asked me if I was ok and I couldn’t quite hear him over the angels playing their harps above my head. I wiggled my toes a little to make sure I could. Then I checked my neck. The tightness was gone.  IT WAS A MIRACLE!

The adjustment was so good, and released so much stuff, that I felt like I had come out of a 2 hour massage. You know that feeling like you’re in a daze and floating above the ground and all you want to do is nap? Yeah, I drove home in that condition.  

My neck is still a little tight. It’ll take probably one more adjustment of that caliber to get it right again. My rib is still out too so I’ll most likely go back tomorrow to get that popped in. It’s like a drug. I need more…just one more time and then I’ll stop I swear. Come on just one more adjustment!! DR. BILL I NEED YOU!

So to all my co-workers, family and friends who get annoyed by my incessant knuckle popping just know this – I apologize that it bothers you but it keeps me sane and from killing people so really, it’s the lesser of 2 evils.

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