Resolutions Update 3 (March)

As promised, here is my wrap up for how we did on our resolutions during the month of March.

Project T&T:

Going well! I’ve been sticking to the 30 day Shred program and that seems to be working. My diet hasn’t been as good as it could be on some days but overall I think I’m making improvements!

Operation Dream Home:

Made significant progress here.

Also, here’s a list of all the things we have to do on the house (I’ve already done some of them!)

  • Get a storage unit rented
  • Clean every room from top to bottom with a fine-tooth comb
  • Clean out all closets, drawers, cabinets to just the essentials
  • Pack up all knick knacks and “personal” family type items (photos, etc)
  • Re-arrange furniture in a few of the rooms
  • Take all boxes and various extra furniture to storage
  • Replace a sink or 2 and possibly a bathroom countertop
  • Clean up the yard and plant flowers, lay down mulch, etc
  • Put away all of Isabella’s toys and only keep out those that can fit in to a rubbermaid container
  • Paint or restain all baseboards and woodwork
  • Meet with a mortgage lender to see how much we can afford and how much of a loan we’ll get approved for
  • Start looking for a new house

Mission Debt Diet

We went waaaaay over budget in March (like by $600!). Some of it is for things that can’t be helped (like Samson needing his yearly shots – which ran $300) or splurges that we don’t normally do ($100 Josh Groban concert tickets). Still, we definitely ate out too much and went over on groceries. I still managed to sock away a little more to savings and pay more off the credit card debt. We got our State tax refund which helped some and the Federal should be on it’s way.

Over all, I think I’m doing well on all my resolutions. Obviously, Op Dream Home will be at the forefront of my mind over the next month or so. Wish me luck!

And now for an obligatory Isabella picture!




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