Weekend Wrap Up

This was a busy, busy weekend. My mind was in super hyper over-drive trying to get done as much as possible on our house. Friday evening I rented a storage unit for us and then bought some boxes and other necessities.

One thing I bought was new moisturizers. Ever since the “generic moisturizer debacle”, my skin has been jacked up. It’s been dry and flaky and a struggle – even though I threw that bad one away and bought a new one! I did a Google search and found 2 recommendations: one was to try CeraVe which is extra nourishing without being greasy or too heavy. The other was to use extra virgin olive oil which can penetrate deep without clogging pores. Sounded weird to me but I was desperate. So I bought both. 

As soon as Isabella went to bed I washed my face and put on the olive oil. My first reaction – wow, this really smells like olives. Shocking I know. But seriously I was not expecting that! It took me some time to get used to. But it went on smooth and I felt confident it would work. I headed out to the living room and sat down on the ground to clean up Munchkin’s toys. Next thing I know there is a big Labrador tongue licking my face. He was like, sweet! Mom is now wearing food! Total score!

I had to fight him off for like 5 minutes until he finally gave up. I am not your own personal salad bar dude!

Then I started packing! Well, that’s not entirely true. First, I made a map of the house.

Cue OCD! I had to figure out a way to pack our house and keep some kind of system. Otherwise, when it came time to unpack, we would have no idea which boxes went where. Sooooo….I laid our house out on a diagram and gave each room a number (and I color coded it…hey I couldn’t resist!). I also gave letters to certain categories of items. Once a box was packed, I would write the room number and also the appropriate categories for the contents. For example, the dining room is room 6 and the first box had pictures and knick knacks in it so I wrote “6, A and C” on it.

When I told CJ the system he asked if he needed to memorize the map and then he gave me a look that said “when we vowed for better or worse, I thought the worse was the comfortable clothes/pajama thing. I didn’t realize it involved this craziness too.”  Hey, he’ll thank me when the move-in process is a snap!

So Friday night I got 3 boxes packed and the dining room essentially done. It felt good to get started.

Saturday was not a good day for Isabella and Samson. They just were not on the same page. He knocked her down twice with his big 90 pound butt. Then he tried to take a banana from her. She milked it every time too by throwing a big ole fit. She’s learning that if she cries or whines, she might get attention. Sometimes it’s for real, other times she’s working the system. Honey, I invented that trick. You have to get up pretty early to catch a worm like me (bonus point if you can name the movie that’s from). So the whole weekend has an undercurrent of toddler whining and crying fits in it. By the end I was, like, so over it to the point where I’d just let her cry while I changed her diaper/brushed her teeth/changed her clothes/washed her face/buckled her in the car seat. I know, I’m so evil.

Saturday afternoon was “me time”! I got  my hair cut/colored, then met some girlfriends for lunch and pedicures. We even stopped for frozen yogurt afterwards. Hey, you knew I would get sweets worked in there somewhere right?

It was very relaxing and just what I needed after a long week. On my drive home I checked my phone for messages and found a text from CJ that said the accountant had called and they had found a mistake with our taxes. Basically, instead of getting about $4000 in a refund, we had to pay $400. I blinked at it a couple times and then thought, I bet this is a late April Fool’s joke. That’s what I prayed for anyway.

Alas, it was not. I guess the software program the accountants use had a defect that caused 15 returns to be wrong. One of which was ours. Now I have to not only pay back the $900 from State that we’d already spent but write a new check for $400. Oh the humanity! And just when we’re trying to save money too.

Spent the rest of Saturday working around the house. We loaded up the car with boxes and took our first trip to the storage unit. Yippee! Isabella wasn’t as excited about it as we were. We drug some palettes in there, loaded in the boxes and then hit the road. On the way home we stopped at the park to let Isabella play. She had fun running up and down a big hill and digging in the sand. Then as a special treat we stopped by Dairy Queen for some ice cream. See how I worked sweets in there again? It’s a gift really.

Sunday I ran some errands with Munchkin while CJ worked at home. When I told her we were going shopping she said, “Shopping, yeah!” Start ‘em young, that’s what I say! Then all of us took advantage of the nice weather and worked out in the back yard pulling up weeds and dead plants. I love that Isabella is an outdoorsy girl. Makes it so much fun and gives us lots more ways for her to burn energy.

Now it’s on to another week – hopefully a productive one! We’ve made 3 trips to storage so far and will probably make one a day from now on, until everything that we need to get out of the house is gone. My car will be able to drive itself there before too long!


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