You Capture: Fun!

This week’s assignment, “fun”, seemed hard to find. With the stress of packing and cleaning and worrying about money, fun was far from my mind. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that we did have fun – a lot of it!

fun cupcake

On my way home from work on Friday, I grabbed a package of mini-cupcakes. Munchkin, like her mommy, loves sweets and I knew these little cupcakes were the perfect size for her. As you can see, she did enjoy them quite a bit! She also made a big mess, but that’s ok. Sometimes the most fun things are the messiest!

fun backyard

We spent Sunday afternoon working in the yard because it was such a nice day. Isabella LOVES to be outside, which I think is so awesome. She had so much fun walking back and forth on this brick, that she literally did it for about 10 minutes. That’s like an eternity in toddler time!

fun play

Playing with toys Monday evening. She has a boat in her hands and a woobie in her mouth. She couldn’t be any happier!

fun buds

Samson even joined in on the fun!  He gazed on while Isabella climbed in to her wagon. I think he was watching over her though. Sort of. Mostly because he thought she had food in her hand.

fun toys

See how much fun we had! We got all the toys out and went wild! Though, it wasn’t very much fun cleaning this all up…

There you have it – the pics for this week! Head on over to Beth’s to see what other folks are doing with this theme!

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