The Island

A few months ago, thanks to a co-worker, I discovered the Wall Street Journal House of the Day. I will admit to being a bit of a voyeur. Yep, guilty as charged. It’s why I love reading other people’s blogs and why I like to visit friend’s houses. I want to see what other people are like, and how they live.

Confession time – when driving around at night, I will look in to the windows of the houses I pass by. No, I’m not a perv. What I’m really looking at is the decor. I want to see how people decorate! What color of paint do they have on their walls? What kind of furniture? How do they have it arranged. I am endlessly fascinated by this and always looking for ideas. I probably should have been an interior designer or something instead of in technology. So I have to satisfy my need for all things design by looking into YOUR windows! 😉

That’s why the WSJ House of the Day was so much fun to me. Here was a chance to look inside million dollar (and in most cases, multi-million dollar) homes and see what they are like. The site runs the gamut from modern to traditional, Victorian to country and everything else you can think of.

They even had an island one time.

And on this island was an AMAZING house. To be honest, I don’t even remember what the house looked like or what made is so amazing. I just remember that I liked it so much, I forwarded the link to my best Skype bud, Rhonda. She thought it was awesome too and we immediately made plans to buy it.


It’s totally doable. The plan is that we will each pay save up $2 a month until we have the $7.5 million dollars to pay for it! That’ll only take us, well, the rest of our lives to do.

Then after we made the original plan, I got a raise so now I give $4 a month. We’ll be there in no time!

Over the months we’ve added some nice features to the island. We each have our own house. Like, duh. There is also a separate house for the guys. Sure, they will probably live with us most of the time but let’s face it, we all need our own space now and again and this way they can have their man cave.



Being the nice people that we are, we bought a separate house for the kids too. That one will be full of toysand junk food and absolutely no vegetables, naps or grown up stuff allowed!


Now, it wouldn’t be a true island paradise without our pets. They have their own place too. The dogs will have to figure out which one of the three gets to be the alpha. My money is on Samson. Then again, Sammie is a feisty little thing and somehow the small dogs always end up ruling over the big ones. Why is that anyway?


In addition to homes, the island has horses, pools, tennis courts, volleyball courts, a movie theatre, an awesome beach and our own private jet. We have to have someway to get back to the mainland right?

Sounds pretty frickin’ awesome doesn’t it?

Don’t worry, you can all come visit us anytime you want! After all, we have a killer guest house! The only thing we ask is that you donate $2 per week that you’re here. How else are we going to pay the gardener, pool boy, housekeepers, chefs, personal trainers, stylists, nannies and dog sitters?

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6 thoughts on “The Island

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  6. Oh we are so there! And with the guys living in the boathouse, those pool boys can fan us all day long!!!!!

    All this for $4 a month! You so wish you were us!


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