Smarty Pants

I think I’m in for some trouble.

My 18 month old is officially smarter than me.

Well, almost. She will be before too long and then I’ll be at a disadvantage. I feel like I need to go back to college just to stay 2 steps ahead of her!

Below are the things she did tonight that made me realize my fate.

1. She knows what money is.

Isabella has had a piggy bank ever since she was born and every once in a while I’ll stick some change in it. When she got old enough to be more dexterous, she began to do it herself. Tonight, I had 2 quarters fall out of my pocket so I told her we could put some money in her piggy bank (though I didn’t tell her what it was). She ran to her room and yelled “Piggy bank!” When I handed the money to her she said, “Quarters!” Surprised smile I had no idea she knew what a quarter was! Then I thought maybe she called all change the same thing so I got a nickel, dime and penny. She was able to point out the penny right away. The nickel and dime I had to help her with. I hope this trend continues so that one day soon she will become the worlds youngest millionaire. Then she can buy me the island.

2. She ate with a spoon

We have been working and working with her on how to use utensils. She pretty much just waves them around or beats them on the table. But tonight, she actually dipped her spoon in the yogurt cup and used it the right way! And she ate the whole entire cup of yogurt like that!


She still managed to make quite a mess but boy did she have fun!

3. She carried on a real conversation

For dessert tonight, I gave Munchkin some Spiderman fruit snacks. This is what happened:

  • Isabella: Hello Spiderman!
  • Me (pretending to be Spiderman): Hello Isabella!
  • Isabella: How are you?
  • Me: Good, how are you?
  • Isabella: Fine. Thank you amazing Spiderman.
  • Me: Uh, you’re welcome

I just sort of stared at her for a minute after that. She stared back at me, and then said, “All done Mama. Get down now.”

Oh yeah, right.

I tell ya, this girl continues to amaze me every day. And it scares me a little too. I clearly remember the day that I surpassed my dad in mathematics knowledge, which is not easy because my dad taught Jr. High math for 35 years. I  came home from high school, I think I was a freshman, and asked him to help me with my calculus assignment. He looked at the book, sighed and then said, “I’m afraid you’re beyond me now.” I saw a glimmer of sadness in his eyes because at that moment he knew I was growing up and would someday not need him anymore.

I know it will be a long time before that day comes for Isabella. But tonight was a reminder of just how quickly she is growing and learning. Some times I want to just stop time and stay here forever.

Then she has a massive poopie diaper or temper tantrum and that takes care of that.

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