You Capture: Games

It’s been a month since I’ve done a You Capture post. My life has been super busy and one of the first things to go was taking pictures. I hate that I dropped it so easily but it was either that or the house or Isabella or date nights or work or Josh Groban. You can see why photos was the obvious choice.  At any rate, I am back this week and hopefully on a more consistent basis. It was kind of nice to take a break. It was starting to feel too much like work and not as much fun. But now I’m ready to go again!

games puzzles

Here is a pile of Isabella’s favorite puzzles. They’re bright and colorful and she can do them in her sleep.

games hat

I love the fact that she’s wearing her new sun hat with her ice cream pajamas while holding a Santa Claus riding a bike (with a woobie in her mouth). Does it get better than that?

games cleanup

We’re trying to teach her that an important part of playing is cleaning up. She’s usually pretty good about it. Especially if we make it a game!

That’s it! Glad to be back to You Capture and look forward to next week’s assignment. For more photos, go check out all the links at!

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