A Walk in the Park

I didn’t have much time in my schedule today to get out for lunch. However, I had to get out of the office. The sun was shining and I had a 2 hour call looming ahead of me. The only way to get through it was with a Diet Coke and some vitamin D. So I ran out for a quick sandwich (roast beef and cheddar on an asiago bagel with veggie cream cheese. YUMMERS!) and decided to eat it in the park. I ate in my car because it was a bit windy and I didn’t want my napkins and stuff blowing everywhere.

This was the view from my car.


There was a group of ladies there wearing matching blue shirts that said VOLUNTEER on them. They were walking around picking up the trash. I wanted to tell them thank you but I didn’t. I thought it though.


As soon as I finished my sandwich, I headed out for a quick walk. It’s a small park so the walk took me only about 15 min (with many stops to take pictures).


There’s something very haunting to me about empty playground equipment. I actually did a whole series in college on it. One of my favorites.


I came upon a lot of fallen limbs. We’ve had many days of rain and storms and the poor trees can’t take it anymore!


The walk was nice and peaceful. The only people I ran in to were the volunteer litter ladies (hey they should get shirts that say THAT!). The sun was bright and it was warm but I enjoyed the fresh air.


There’s a nice little creek that runs through this park. It was much more full than I’ve ever seen it, thanks in part to all those storms.


There was also a lovely little bridge. It looked like it had recently been rebuilt because it was all bright and pristine. Almost too clean!


Overall the park was great, though there were some signs of wear and tear.


I was hot and sweaty by the end of my walk so the A/C felt amazing! I cranked it up baby! Then it was back to the office for meeting after meeting. I was ready to chill when I got home but Isabella wanted to go to the park so we loaded up the stroller and headed out!

She was looking sharp in her shades!



She had a lot of fun on the teeter totter. When we got home, she asked me for some juice so that she could “stay hydrated.” That’s my Little Genius!

Now I’m off to paint my toenails with the new nail polish I bought today (OPI’s “It’s Totally Fort Worth It”) while watching Sex and the City 2. I know, I know. I’ve heard bad things too but hey, they’re my girls so I have to watch it. So what if I’m a couple years behind….I also plan to polish off a banana split made with Bunny Tracks ice cream. Huzzah!

Have a great weekend!

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