You Capture: Flowers

It was fun getting back in to the swing of You Capture with this week’s theme. Flowers are blooming everywhere and that’s one of my favorite parts of summer – all the bright colors and gorgeous blooms!


flowers irises

I never knew how much I loved irises until we bought this house 5 years ago. The previous owners had them planted in the back and every year when they bloom it’s like a gift from above.


flower peony3

Isabella and I have been closely watching the peonies. Everyday we’d go outside and check on their progress. They slowly grew and then produced small buds. Then those buds got bigger until one day – pop! – out came a flower! Isabella thought the whole process was fascinating. I was just happy to have that touch of pink in the yard!


flowers roses2

I cannot tell a lie. I took this picture as I was leaving the salon. I got a few funny looks. They had these planted along the side of the building and I thought they looked so pretty. Roses are classics!


flowers dandelion

Isabella picked these for me. She came running over and handed me this little bouquet of fuzzies and was so proud. I loved them too. I remember picking them as a kid and blowing on the fuzz to watch it fly away. She does the same thing but she preserved this batch, well most of it, for her mama. Such a sweet girl. They are perfect because they’re from her.

For more pretty flower pics, head on over to Beth’s!!

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