Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Mommy

At least, that’s how I feel right now.

Isabella fell again. On my watch. *sigh*

She didn’t fall down the stairs this time though. Instead she tipped her chair and fell backwards onto the laminate floor in the kitchen.

I’ll back up. See, as you know, we’re trying to sell our house and so have to keep it in show ready condition all the time. One thing the realtors have us do is move Isabella’s high chair to the garage, so that we can push the table in the kitchen back a little and make it look bigger. Instead of going through that hassle all the time I decided to buy her a travel booster seat. It straps to a regular chair and we can buckle her in it at home. Then when we leave for vacations or restaurants or simply want it gone, we fold it up and go! It arrived Friday night and she’s been using it like a champ all weekend.

One cautionary note though is that she tries to push herself back from the table using her legs against the tabletop. I made sure to tell CJ over and over that we have to watch for this and keep the chair secure.

I should have heeded my own advice.

I got dinner all ready tonight and set our places. CJ was taking a quick shower so it was just me and Munchkins. I strapped her in and pushed her up to the table. She told me her potatoes were too hot so I picked up her plate to blow on them. In doing that, I took my concentration off her and didn’t notice her pushing back with her legs against the table. All of a sudden I saw her chair start to tip back. It wobbled there on 2 legs for a minute and then started to go back. Unlike when she fell down the stairs, none of this was slow motion. In fact, it all seemed to happen very fast. 

I lunged forward trying to grab the chair and keep it from falling. But I was only able to grab the side of it which caused the chair to twist and it landed on it’s right side. So of course Isabella hit the right side of her head and body on the ground. It probably would have been better for me not to have grabbed it but my instincts kicked in. She stayed strapped in the seat but of course was crying fiercely. Poor thing!

She seems to be just fine. No bruises or bumps. Just scared. Her and me both.

Dammit, I hate when she gets hurt on my watch. I feel like I’m the worst person in the world and a terrible parent. A good mom would have kept the chair secure. I know these things happen.  I know kids are going to fall. But I don’t want it to be my kid!

We’ve been lucky so far to have no serious injuries. When will our luck run out? I shiver at the thought.

At any rate, we’ve since moved her chair to the side by the wall so that it can’t tip back. Lesson learned.

So as not to make this a totally downer post, here are some pics of us at the zoo on Sunday!


Gazing up at the fish in the aquarium water tunnel.


Wearing our matching shirts in the Gorilla House.


Loving those monkeys!


Poking the rhino statue in the nose.


Running through the Garden of Senses.

Now I’m off to see if the $300 pearl necklace that I wore on my wedding day can be fixed. Isabella grabbed at it and broke the chain. I guess pay backs really are a bitch.

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3 thoughts on “Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Mommy

  1. You’re nowhere near a bad mommy! Accidents just happen sometimes, and some of the little munchkins are just a little more persistant about trying things than others!!


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