Oobie in the Pocket

Isabella has discovered a new place to put her woobies when she no longer needs them. She has many places really. The floor. The tables. Inside her toys. At one point she tried to stick on in her “pocket” in the bathtub, but that was just the one time. She often tucks them beside her in the highchair and says they are in her pocket. But those places are old news. Her new place is extra special.

She puts them down my shirt.

It all started one night when I was carrying her. She had one arm around my shoulder and the other up by my neck. In fact I think she was holding on to my necklace.  Then her hand slipped and ended up slipping down my shirt. She pulled my shirt back, looked down and said, “What’s in there mommy?”

Two things that can bring you a lot of power or cause you a lot of pain in your life. Parts that are so coveted, men the world over will be rendered speechless by a nice pair and women everywhere will give anything to have them.  Ok not really. I think I mumbled something under my breath and distracted her with a toy.

After that, she started purposely sticking her hand down in my cleavage as a nice warm resting place. She did it once at Target and I got a few looks from moms that quickly steered their kids away from me.

On Friday night, as is pretty typical, she had 3 oobies – one in each hand and one in her mouth. She asked me for some juice but in order to take the cup, she had to put the woobies down. So she said, “In there mommy” and proceeded to place one after another down my shirt and lodge them in my bra until all 3 were tucked happily away.

CJ came in then and I told him that he now had competition for the use of my girls. Once Munchkin was done with her juice, she matter-of-factly reached down my shirt and pulled each oobie out one by one.

I guess she’s practical. She needed an oobie holder and my girls weren’t doing anything so might as well put them to good use!

I am trying to put a stop to it though. This new pocket can’t lead to anything good if it continues. It would be really awkward to be at her wedding and have her stick the bouquet down in to my boobs.


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