Bossy Pants

I was a bossy little girl. My mom jokes that I came out of the womb with a cigar in my mouth giving the doctor orders. Can I help it that I know everything?

Some might say I’m still bossy. I’ll admit that I give an order or two on occasion, but it’s only when absolutely necessary. I mean, if I don’t tell K at work to go get me a cookie, how else will he know? And at home,  CJ says that I use my “mom tone” with him. I personally don’t hear it but he says it’s so. Whatever, now go to your room and think about what you’ve done. But take the garbage out first!


Isabella seems to have picked up this trait from me. Toddlers are a little bossy anyways I guess, but she seems to really enjoy barking out orders. She gets a little twinkle in her eye when she does it. When I got home from work tonight we played together in the basement. Here is how it went for the entire 15 minutes we were down there.  This was all her.

Oobie for mommy. Oobie for daddy. Pink one for daddy. Green one for Mommy. Now switch.

See pictures of baby on computer! Mommy sit in the chair there. Get pictures of baby!

Bella runs really fast! Mommy do that! Over there. Now over there! Faster!

March mommy. Like Bella does.

Itch the wall. Right there. Now there. And there. Now the sun.

Kiss the shadow. Bella’s shadow. Now mommy’s!

Mommy take a nap right there.  Now right there.

Go backwards and forwards. Like Murray.

Mommy do that. Mommy hit the door. Please mommy! Now hit it over there.

Open the lid mommy. Frisbees stuck in there. Pleeeease!

Throw it mommy. To the chair. Now the other one. Mhmm. Like that.

And so on. You get the idea. I find it kind of amusing but I do try to remind her that she needs to say please and thank you. Normally she’s really great about using the magic words. I guess tonight she forgot all about them.

Maybe this will translate in to her becoming a great leader some day. Perhaps even President. Maybe she’ll create a new position for me – Chief Bossy Pants. I could live with that.


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