You Capture: Trees

Beth let her son pick this week’s theme and he said “trees, plants or cute little babies”. Well, I went with trees because 1) it was easier and 2) I don’t have access to any cute little babies right now!

This week I decided to experiment with Instagram on my iPhone. While most of these pics were pretty decent shots on their own (ehem), the Instagram filters did help make them more interesting!

trees pink backlit

This is a tree that was outside the Red Mango we went to on Saturday night. Looks very pretty doesn’t it? I was immediately drawn to it. What you can’t tell right away is that the tree is TOTALLY PLASTIC!

trees pink

Each of those little flowers is actually a light! Isn’t that crazy cool? The shopping area we were at didn’t have any more of these so I can only assume it’s a Red Mango thing.

These next couple photos were taken on Monday night, after a work dinner I attended. It was a HOT and steamy day and by the time I got back to my car (after walking 6 blocks in heels), I was tired, sticky and crabby. But these trees caught my attention.

trees building

These are outside one of the office buildings.

trees park

And these are along the park across the street. This pic totally looks like one you’d find buried in a shoebox in your grandma’s closet. I love these filters!

trees birch bark

This one I took yesterday, after going out to lunch with The Brit. We paused to look at this tree because she was trying to remember what kind it was (it’s a Birch). There were also weird little pink tubule things growing up from the ground in front of it. No idea what they are but the Brit calls them “lurgie foot”. Hey, that works.

There are my pics for the week! Hope you enjoyed them! Head over to Beth’s to see more takes on this theme – and maybe see some cute little baby pictures!

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