This is going to be short and sweet because I have very little energy left. I got kicked in the butt by allergies yesterday. The cottonwoods I think. It’s carried over to today. It’s either that or a summer cold. Either way, I feel awful.

Aches. Stuffiness. Scratchy throat. Tired. Pounding headache.

It’s the headache that really gets me. It’s not constant. It’s more of an awful surprise. It’ll come in waves. One minute I’ll be just fine and then the next a wave of pain hits my left temple. Been that way all day.

Isabella was not in a mood to be gentle on mommy either. She is in a stubborn stage. She dropped her oobie and said “Give it back! Mine!” I told her that was not a nice way to ask. That she had to say please. She looked me in the eyes and shook her head no. Ok then, no oobie. So she cried. Sorry kid, tears won’t do it!

Then during her bath she was throwing water out of the tub. I told her to stop and she kept doing it so we ended bath time early and out she went. More tears. She wanted her oobie. Again she wouldn’t say please so it was time out in the crib while I got her clothes ready for tomorrow.

Eventually she calmed down and we read some stories together. Well, she read them to me in her abbreviated Isabella way. She actually gets everything right, she just says it differently. It’s very cute.

Now she’s asleep and I’m 2 seconds away from a bowl of ice cream. The ice cream and I have a date with the couch. I’m going to lay down with a good book and relax. I haven’t done that since I was pregnant. It will be just what I need to unwind.

And hopefully stop the pounding.

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